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About The Founder

Jenny Garcia, founder of Fuzzy Bear Wellness, has experienced the benefits of pure essential oils from doTERRA for over a decade. Passionate about wellness education, she aims to share her knowledge with the community. Focusing on holistic health, Jenny promotes natural wellness solutions and offers personalized services to help individuals reclaim and enhance their quality of life.

Jenny Garcia - Owner of Fuzzy Bear Wellness

Our Services

Wellness consultation

wellness concerns are addressed & a daily wellness plan is created

Wellness body scan

utilizes a tool to uncover best solutions to dis - ease in the body & mind ( addresses alignments & emotions )

AromaTouch ( hand ) technique

a technique designed to calm mind & body.

AromaTouch ( full) technique

a technique that uses 8 specific essential oils to address 4 top health concerns ( stress, immune function, inflammation, homeostasis.)


application of specific essential oils to target & benefit specific body systems according to wellness needs.

Custom wellness workshops

these address the wellness needs of the attendees .( zoom or in person )

Biomagnetic adjustments - Coming soon

Utilizing the application of magnets with only Northern polarity to ease inflammation in the body , discover aggressors hindering the body, assist with pain management.

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